Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet The Author

Meet the Author
April 10, 1-4 P.M.
Roswell Visitors Center
617 Atlanta Street, Roswell, GA

This coming Saturday, several local authors will gather in the Visitors Center to answer your questions as well as sign copies of their books. It’s a great chance to meet the authors and learn more about three different periods of time in Georgia history.

Dianna Avena
Author: Roswell History, Haunts & Legends
“The town of Roswell is haunted by the lingering ghosts of generations long dead.” Dianna has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. In college, she planned a life as a physician, but found she continued to be drawn to stories of miracles and unexplained phenomena. She and her husband, Joe, have made the Roswell Ghost Tour extremely successful, garnering national attention. Dianna founded Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations and her team was announced as a Georgia representative for the Atlantic Paranormal Society. She is the co-host of the After Twilight radio show and she has co-hosted the national paranormal convention Univ-Con 7, alongside Chad Calek of Steven Spielberg’s Rising.

Cathy Kaemmerlen
Author: General Sherman and the Georgia Belles
Cathy is a renowned storyteller, author, and historical interpreter. In this book, she provides a colorful collection of tales of exceptional Georgia women who made great sacrifices in an effort to save their families and homes. From the innocent diary of a 10-year-old girl to the words of a woman who risks everything to see her husband one last time, Kaemmerlen exposes the grit and gumption of these remarkable Southern women in inspiring and entertaining fashion.

Jack Mallard
Author: The Atlanta Child Murders: The Night Stalker
Jack Mallard is a retired Georgia Prosecutor (1967-2007). After receiving a law degree from Woodrow Wilson College of Law he began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta. Later he would take the lead role in the Missing and Murdered Children’s Case in which 28 victims were found murdered within a two-year span, ending with the arrest of Wayne Williams. In his career Jack has prosecuted many high-profile cases. He served on the Board of Directors - National District Attorneys Association; the Georgia Organized Crime Prevention Council; and received the Governor’s Public Safety Award. This is his first book and is based on the Wayne Williams Case. Was Wayne Williams the Night Stalker? Read the book for information that will help you decide.

For more information about Storytelling workshops, performances, Authors’ events, and Visual Arts events that will be at the Visitors Center between now and June, download a brochure from www.visitroswellga.com/storytelling-events.html

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cycling, Art, and Nature – Oh, my!

We’re about to head into a busy but fun time of festivals in Roswell. There’s so much fun coming that it’s hard to know where to start. So, how about the basics and then I’ll fill you in with subsequent Blogs with the details?

GO WILD IN ROSWELL: May 20 – June 6
Nature, history, great restaurants, and shops await your discovery as you GO WILD IN ROSWELL. Over 64 Special Events and Activities are planned during May 20 – June 6 for fun and festivities. Many are free, others have nominal charges associated with them.

Start planning with www.visitroswellga.com/go-wild-in-roswell.html

Colors Festival of Arts – May 8 and 9, on the Square in Roswell
This is the 20th year that artists gather on the square to wow you with their creations. This juried festival has artists with works as varied as crafts such as rock candles to all kinds of glass creations to oil and acrylic paintings. There’s something for everyone, even the children. And what festival would be complete without festival food? I can picture the funnel cakes, kabobs, etc., that you just can’t find anywhere else. During the festival, you will be entertained with dance troops and musical groups performing in the gazebo. It makes for a great family outing!

Roswell Cycling Festival - Fun for the Entire Family!
April 24: Mountain Bike Day (April 24); at Big Creek Mountain Bike Trails with a skills clinic, dirt jump demos, plus yummy hotdogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill.

April 25: 9th Annual Roswell Criterium - Professional & Amateur Bicycle Race in Roswell's Historic District. Thrills, spills and high speed make these races exciting! Some of the top teams will be competing - don't miss the fun.

But that’s not all, in addition to a great time to meet and greet while watching cyclists racing around the course there will be a Kids Bicycle Safety Rodeo and Youth Races, the annual Mayor's Ride, a Be Bike Friendly 5-K Foot Race, Swap Meet, and businesses will be decorated with Art Bicycles.

Download a brochure with all of the details at www.visitroswellga.com/include-new/2010-RCF-Brochure.pdf

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Folk Art or Simply Warmth?

To me, quilts evoke a wonderful feeling of being loved. As I gaze at the tiny stitches and beautiful combinations of shapes and fabrics, I see the loving hands that spent hour upon hour creating this beautiful work of art.

Whether you see a quilt as a great way to keep of the chill or as a beautiful piece of Folk Art, you don’t want to miss the annual feast of the eyes that is the 28th Great American Cover-Up Quilt Show at Bulloch Hall. More than 200 handcrafted quilts will be on display throughout the classic home.

The show,” Tomorrow’s Classics Today” is Saturday, March 13 through Sunday, March 21. Self-guided tours are Mon. – Sat, 10 am – 4 pm and Sun., 1 – 4 pm. Admission to Bulloch Hall is $8 for adults, $7 for seniors, and $6 for children ages 6-18.

This year, the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild highlights a special exhibit as part of the show: "Vintage revisited...A block challenge exhibit"

Throughout our history, a woman's work has never been completely done. As a result, many quilting projects have been left in various stages of completion.

What would happen if a set of blocks was divided among a number of quilt artists and each was left to create a quilt in her own unique style?

In the spring of 2006, quilters of all the backgrounds were invited to participate in just such a challenge. As a result, a group of 19 talented women committed themselves to this exciting two-year project. The group includes art quilters, traditionalists, historians, and relative newcomers to this quilting journey.

Six sets of vintage blocks were distributed to these brave artists. The block was theirs to play with! They could add to it, cut it up, embellish it, recreate it, improve upon it and more. The only requirement was that the finished quilt measure 24" x 24" and that the original block be included in the final project. In all, there are a total of 120 quilts.

Buy the Book - Meet the Author!

A new book, "A Quilt Block Challenge: Vintage Revisited" will be available at Bulloch Hall on March 14. The Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild will be sponsoring an afternoon tea, Sunday, March 14 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. The public is invited to come meet Mary Kerr, author and curator of "Vintage Revisited"