Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mayors Grocery Showdown

Take 2 mayors, 4 shopping carts and 10 minutes and what do you have? No, not the plot for a new television show. No, not a new shopping service. Not even a grand opening for a new store.

Give up? It’s a fun way to demonstrate the economic impact of tourism in our state. Did you know that each Georgia household (and that’s quite a lot of folks) saves $498 in taxes just because Georgia is a cool place to visit? Thanks to all of those wonderful folks who flock to see our attractions, enjoy the beautiful and varied Georgia scenery, shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels, and so on, each and every one of us shoulders a smaller tax burden.

Now that you know why they’re doing it, what are they going to do with those shopping carts? Mayor Jere Wood from Roswell and Mayor Arthur Letchas from Alpharetta each have just 10 minutes to load up a maximum of 2 carts, each, with non-perishable items from the Kroger at 570 East Crossville Road in Roswell. The mayor whose total is closest to $498 (that wonderful amount that tourism generates per household), wins bragging rights …..But, the real winner in the competition will be North Fulton Community Charities who will receive $1000 in food donations for their food pantry.

All of us get to come, cheer our Mayors and watch the fun. I can’t wait to see which foods they choose and how good their math skills are with the clock ticking and the crowd cheering for their favorites. It would take me the 10 minutes they’ll have just to scan the store ad, create my shopping list, and map out my route through the store.

Come join us as we showcase “Tourism Means a Healthy Economy” with this friendly competition on May 23rd at 11:30 am at Kroger located at 570 East Crossville Road, Roswell, GA.

This event is sponsored by the Roswell and Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureaus.

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